Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I still have a blog?

I think I almost forgot I had a blog.

Life. That is what happens.

And then I find my priorities and for a while that is not blogging.

But I am trying again. So here I will give you a few highlight from each month and we will start new in July.....maybe.

January: Rang in the New Year's with friends, back to school and ready for a new year

February: Celebrated a night out with my hubby for Valentine's day

March: Shamrock Fun Run in Dublin, garage sales & fun with friends.

April: Mom turned 33 (yikes) Chris raced in the first BMX state race of the season, Dani mastered riding her bike with no training wheels

May: CPOA Run in Pleasanton, Dani turned 4, Chris turned 7 and finished 1st grade.

June: After 8 years and a lot of patience Bryan is on DAYSHIFT!!!! The Summer Fun List made it's debut and we are making our way through it.

There is a lot that went on in between, but who am I kidding there is no way I will be able to update it all.

Until then, here is our Summer Fun list for 2010!


Anonymous said...

1.嘎志 毘嘎志 若喀 札夏 嘛尼 梭哈

2.唵 班雜 別噶 札嘛 吽

3.達列 達列 達阿呀 拔噶哇爹 邊達摩雜餒 梭哈

4.那摩拔噶哇爹 悟尼卡牙 達列 達仁爹耶梭哈

5.爹呀他 班扎 班扎 嘛哈班扎 薩哇 巴呀地 哈那 哈那 班扎那梭哈

6.唵 沙瓦尼瓦那 比堪匹尼 吽吽呸

7.唵 自松 自松 梭哈

8.嘿 嘿 拉尤 拔大呀

9.唵 薩哇 作拉 踏讓咩 吽梭哈

10.那摩 拔噶哇爹 悟尼卡牙 達列 讓爹 梭哈

11.唵 拔噶哇爹 休地密日(字)地 拔拉 拔拉 哇 阿麻 悉地梭哈

12.爹呀他 卡利 卡利 拔利爹 梭哈 爹呀他 嘎哇匝 噶那 阿拉爹 梭哈

13.唵 阿必惹 吽 嘎雜那 (唵 嘎貝那嘎母娑哈)

14.oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ

15.Ah Ah Sha Sa Ma Ha

16.ong pu long suo ha


18.爹呀他唵牟尼牟尼嘛哈牟尼 釋迦牟尼耶梭哈



Alhadj Ben said...